Lily Chipazi, Msc

Educational and Business Psychologist

About Mrs.Chipazi

Lily Chipazi is a seasoned professional with a rich background in strategy development, training, and leadership across various sectors. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counselling, complementing her Master of Science in Educational Psychology and MSc in Business Psychology. This unique blend of expertise in mental health, education, and organizational development makes her a versatile and dynamic leader.

Lily’s career highlights include her role as Principal Material Development Consultant, where she led the creation of gender-responsive psycho-educational materials for an online counselling platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her strategic vision and innovative approach were instrumental in developing educational content, reviewing self-help assessment tools, and conducting in-house training on basic counselling skills. These initiatives showcased her ability to drive impactful projects from conception toimplementation.
As the Director responsible for training and development at Joint Minds Consult, Lily has been the lead consultant in developing the forthcoming Bangweulu University Curriculum. She has also developed numerous BOTA and HRDC accredited training modules for various education and training providers. With over 20 years of experience in the Botswana education sector and career counselling, she has gained vital insights into Botswana's human resource requirements, essential for developing a responsive National Human Resource Strategy.

Lily's roles as a Consultant and Director at Joint Minds Consult highlight her exceptional strategy development skills. She has spearheaded international projects, conducted ecosystem-based skills assessments, and devised digital integration strategies for education. Her strategic acumen, leadership capabilities, and commitment to lifelong learning enable her to deliver transformativesolutions that bridge gaps, foster growth, and maximize impact.

Lily’s profile is marked by a track record of driving strategic initiatives, fostering partnerships, and delivering results-driven strategies that align with organizational goals and drive positive change. Her expertise and dedication make her an invaluable asset to Joint Minds Consult.
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