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Dr. Joseph Mwelwa, Ph.D

Education & Language Development Expert

About Dr.Mwelwa

Dr. Joseph Mulenga Mwelwa, with a PhD in English language education, brings extensive expertise in language pedagogy, curriculum development, and educational policy to Joint Minds Consult. Since 2012, he has managed numerous local and international consultancies and projects. His deep understanding of educational frameworks is pivotal in designing effective training programs and interventions for the National Human Resource Development Strategy (NHRDS) for Botswana.
Dr. Mwelwa’s analytical and project management skills are crucial in developing a comprehensive performance matrix to assess the effectiveness of the existing NHRDS 2009-2022. His proficiency in producing technical reports will facilitate the review and analysis of HRD education and training policies, ensuring their impact on human resource development is thoroughly evaluated.

With a background in secondary and tertiary education, Dr. Mwelwa is adept at transferring knowledge and building capacity among stakeholders. His strategic thinking skills will assess the alignment of the current strategy's vision, mission, goals, and actual performance. As phase one concludes, his communication skills will compile findings into a comprehensive evaluation report with actionable recommendations.

In phase two, Dr. Mwelwa’s research skills will conduct a thorough literature review on international best practices in HRD. He will engage with key stakeholders to gather data and insights, informing the development of the new NHRD Strategy 2026-2036. Dr. Mwelwa’s extensive consultancy experience and strategic leadership ensure that the project will be coordinated and completed on time.

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