Dr. Joseph Mwelwa

Dr. Joseph Mulenga Mwelwa is Founder and Senior Partner at Joint Minds Consult.  He is Director of Data Management & Knowledge Development.  He also leads product development.

Educational Qualifications

Dr. Mwelwa holds a Doctorate in Language and Literature from the University of South Africa (UNISA) and a Masters degree in Language Education – Teacher Training for English Language Teaching from the University of St Mark and St John (Marjon)/ Exeter University, UK.  He obtained his Diploma in Secondary Education (English and Religious studies at Nkhrumah University in Zambia. Additionally, he holds Certificates in principles of English Language Teaching and Resource Centre management (Marjon) UK.

Work experience

Prior to working in Botswana, Dr. Mwelwa taught English language at a Zambian High school in Ndola – The Copperbelt province of Zambia where he also worked as the district Assistant  English Language Coordinator. He later became the Regional Provincial Coordinator (RPC) in the Action to Improve English, Maths & Science (AIEMS) project – A materials and methodology development educational project that was funded by the ODA (UK), and administered by the British Council.   Dr. Mwelwa is an experienced educationist and materials developer of many years. He was a senior Lecturer at Molepolole and Tonota Colleges of Education in Botswana for over 11 years.  As a Lecturer, he taught Communication and Study Skills (CSS) – developing study skills in students who applied the skill in cross-curricular contexts. Dr Mwelwa is experienced in designing courses and materials and in developing student support systems and processes.  He equally has many years of experience in designing and implementing pre-service training and training workshops in In-service Training (INSET) contexts of Zambia and Botswana. He co-designed the first and only induction training programme for the then Teacher Training and Development (TT&D) in Botswana. This programme was crucial in inducting the newly appointed Lecturers to Botswana Colleges of Education. For three years, newly appointed lecturers in Botswana Colleges of Education were initiated and oriented into the educational practice in terms of teaching methodology, cultural practice and research ethics obtaining in Botswana Colleges of education. Joseph served as a key resource person on this course.


Consulting experience – Education and Training

Dr. Mwelwa has a deep understanding of course design training frameworks and processes having led teams in Resource Centre Management and Materials Development in Zambia and Botswana. At both Molepolole and Tonota Colleges of education, Dr Mwelwa designed courses in CSS and led course design teams at three year levels of the CSS programme. Dr Mwelwa has also designed teacher development workshops that targeted lecturers in order to prepare them to handle innovative learning systems in CSS. He also trained lecturers from cross-curricular backgrounds in skills such as presentation and communication skills to equip them with the requisite skills required in an effective educator. For the past three years, Dr. Mwelwa has also been training academics in Botswana on research article writing skills. He has also developed follow up framework proposals on article writing workshops to track lecturers who attend article writing workshops  in order to assist them to publish articles.

Dr. Mwelwa has also been leading teams of consultants on designing academic degree programmes, processes and administrative infrastructure for two upcoming universities in Botswana and Zambia. He has practical experience and knowledge in developing technical frameworks that have been guiding international consultants on current projects or any future consultancies that require putting together technical teams of consultants.  He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bangweulu University Development, a project where Joint Minds Consult is developing academic infrastructure and management processes for the upcoming University in Zambia. Dr Mwelwa founded the project and developed the conceptual and theoretical framework that is guiding Bangweulu University Development Management in implementing the  project.

 As a team leader, he successfully designed course templates and guided a  technical team to develop original training workshop modules on various topics such as Goal setting, cultivating a Positive Company Perception, Team building, Effective Communication in the Work places and, Stress Management. This earned Joint Minds Consult, the BQA accreditation status as training Institute. Dr. Mwelwa has valuable knowledge, skills and experience in designing courses and preparing institutions for accreditation with regulatory bodies.

. Dr. Mwelwa was a part of the project design team that developed capacity and technical training frameworks and follow up support systems for Kagisano Society for Women’s Shelter (KSWS) – a non governmental organisation in Botswana that is participating in the Global Fund Intervention Framework project that seeks to strengthen implementation capacity for community systems organizations in Botswana. The organisations are leading interventions in HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases that threaten the health of Batswana nationals.

On- going research

Dr. Mwelwa has handled research at very advanced level and will be leading research teams in Zambia to implement research recommendations and outcomes from his doctoral thesis that has suggested alternative interventions in the English language education system of Zambia. The research developed an English/Bemba bilingual anthology and the concomitant Bilingual Resource from which didactic protocols were designed and developed for the Literature in English language classroom in Zambia. The aim is to provide pedagogical interventions to enhance student learning in a complex multilingual Zambia. He will be promoting and advocating for Linguistic Synergy – a theory he has developed to account for the bilingual teacher/students’ actions in a bilingual literature classroom learning space. His main interests lie in bilingual/ multilingual/multicultural/bicultural pedagogy in literature in English. He also promotes development of knowledge from linguistic synergy systems and processes in bilingual/multilingual contexts.

Email: jointmindsconsult@gmail.com/mwelwa@jointmindsconsult.com