Student Support

Joint Minds Consult values student support because of the long term benefits it renders to the students, institutions where students are learning and, to the entire education systems. Student support is critical because it assures quality in student learning and the education system.

At Joint Minds Consult, we hold the view that the number of students entering universities is not proportionate to the number of lecturers employed to teach these increasing numbers of students. The student lecturer ratio is not in favour of students. Logically, as more and more students gain entry into universities, fewer and fewer student are getting the needed tutorial support from their lecturers and supervisors. The assumption is that the quality of learning is negatively affected as students can hardly have the opportunity for example to clarify subject area issues in their learning process. At Joint Minds Consult, we believe that students should have access to support regardless of where they are. On this platform, students will interface with supervisors and lecturers whom we have carefully selected to provide this support. Sign up and get a feel of our support system.