Research Results 2013

These brief results are part of a PhD study conducted by a researcher through the University of South Africa (UNISA). Students in this study were taught lessons using a sample bilingual (Bemba/English) teaching resource designed from an indigenous literary artifact for English literature classes in Zambia. Using Focus Group Discussions (FGD), responses to the resource were generated from both the students and the teachers. Analysis of these data using qualitative analysis techniques  suggest that there is ‘agency from below’ and that the potential and need in materials development  and literature pedagogy to re-introduce local languages and culture in contexts where the dominance of English as Language of  Instruction (LoI) persist can no longer be challenged.

Below are samples of the bilingual resource, the students learning materials, Teacher’s materials and the results from the Focus Group Discussions that were conducted at Dominican Convent Secondary School in Zambia. Full results are reported in an article in the Language Matters Journal and in a paper presented at a special Interest group  of the International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education (IAIMTE) conference in Hong Kong (June 13th – 14th 2014). Bilingual Sample Story – Hare and the Hyena The Hare and the Hyena – Student Learning Materials Copy The Hare and the Hyena Teacher’s Copy SAMPLE FGD EX 1  PASHU MULENGE I APPENDIX 1 FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION SCHEDULE 2013For comments, please Email  us  at