Dr. Patrick Debere Molutsi, Ph.D.

Sociology Eduaction, Development and Policy Analysis

About Dr.Molutsi

Dr. Molutsi is a highly qualified and experienced consultant for the development of a Human Resource Development Strategy for Botswana. His background in policy development, analysis, and evaluation will be instrumental in creating a comprehensive performance matrix for the NHRDS 2009-2022. With his deep understanding of educational and training policies, Dr. Molutsi is well-equipped to assess the impact of existing HRD strategies, plans, and performance reports. His extensive experience in conducting workshops and working with diverse stakeholders makes him adept at facilitating effective consultations.

Dr. Molutsi's background in teaching, training, and capacity building positions him to effectively transfer knowledge and build capacity among stakeholders. His expertise in research methods and data analysis will be crucial in assessing the performance of the NHRDS. Dr. Molutsi's experience in producing technical reports ensures that he can generate a comprehensive NHRDS evaluation report with clear recommendations.

His academic background and research experience make him well-suited to conduct a thorough literature review on international best practices in HRD. Dr. Molutsi will conduct consultations with key stakeholders to gather additional data for the new strategy.His experience in assessing and evaluating policy frameworks will be invaluable in determining the adequacy of existing policies. Leveraging his extensive experience in strategic planning and project management, Dr. Molutsi will produce a transformative National Human Resource Development Strategy 2026-2036.

His expertise in project cycle management and strategic planning will enable him to create a costed strategy implementation plan. Dr. Molutsi's competencies align seamlessly with the requirements for evaluating the existing strategy and developing a new one. His extensive experience in policy development, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, and strategic planning will significantly contribute to the success of the Human Resource Development Strategy for Botswana.
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