About Us

Joint Minds Consult (JMC) is an Education and Training think-tank that promotes research, training, knowledge development and management, and student support as key issues that enhance the development of the Human Resource in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and sub-Saharan Africa. JMC is a Botswana Qualifications Authority certified research and training institute.

Joint Minds Consult is led by a management team of consultants with a strong background in education, training and research. As such, Joint Minds Consult is well positioned to initiate and enhance efficiency in the education, training and research systems of Sub-Saharan Africa. The firm aims to provide the necessary efficiency enhancers through research and knowledge development that will benefit communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.


To be the leading provider of quality education in the African region.

Mission Statement

Joint Minds Consult exists to develop and strengthen human resource capacity through research and consultancy; data development and knowledge management; and skills training in the African context.


  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Botho


The strategic plan of JMC  consists of the following three pillars based on its mandate:

  • Skills Training
  • Research and Consultancy
  • Data Management and Knowledge Development

Training Strategy

GOAL 1: To develop human resource capacity in a variety of skills

1.1 To provide gender responsive educational management and leadership skills training

1.2 To provide male and female student support such as tutorials, dissertation and thesis writing, and courses on research methods

1.3 To provide labour market related short courses in areas such as communication skills, emotional intelligence, productivity, customer care,  gender equality and financial literacy.

1.4 To build capacity for the labour and employer organisations in negotiation and industrial relations.

1.5. To provide skills training on gender disaggregated research data management and analysis.


Research Strategy

GOAL 2: To conduct market relevant research and consultancy services in different areas of development

2.1 To undertake educational research on policy relating to equity, access quality, management and leadership.

2.2 To provide consultancy services on gender sensitive curriculum development, instruction and learning, financing, and innovative technologies.

2.3 To conduct monitoring and evaluation studies.

2.4 To develop, transform and publish research-based knowledge into educational materials for capacity building.


Data  Management & Knowledge development Strategy

GOAL 3: To develop a culture of data utilization and Knowledge development

3.1 To exploit, generate, collect and analyse data.

3.2 To preserve and store data.

3.3 To publish, share and use data for decision making and policy development.

3.4 To enable access and re-use of data.